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Our Services


Hardware Services

EPSI Services are the Authorized Service Provider for ASUS and ViewSonic in Sri Lanka. Our team of vendor-certified engineers have the capability to provide efficient and economical solutions for all kinds of hardware issues. We have the capability to do chip level repairs at our state-of-the-art repair facility. Our in-house experts can swiftly diagnose the issue and suggest a solution to fix your IT Product. We also have spare parts readily available in stock with us to deliver faster repair turn-around time. We cater to both under warranty and out-of-warranty products. Our repair expertise covers to all brands of the following product categories –

■ Notebooks ■ Desktop PC ■ All in One PC ■ Mini PC ■ Monitors ■ Projectors ■ UPS ■ Printers

EPSI Service offers a 3 months guarantee on all repairs undertaken and provides the following support -

■ Call Support ■ Pick up and Drop Service ■ Customer Site Repairs

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Software Services

Data and Software lie at the heart of all our technology equipments. Both are essential to help us at our work as well as at leisure. It is therefore extremely important for us to take care of our equipments. EPSI Services has a team of trained, certified professionals who can help you with all your software needs such as -


■ Data Recovery Services ■ Backup Services ■ Installation and Migration Services ■ Cloud Setting up and Installation Services

Data Recovery Services

Data lies at the center of modern lifestyle. We all carry large amounts of both official and personal data each day in our Laptops, External Hard-Drives, Mobile Phones, Hand-Held Devices etc. Whether it is vacation pictures, childhood memories, important certificates or official mails, this data remains invaluable to us, something that we cannot afford to lose.

We understand the importance of data and the vital nature of making it available when it is needed the most. Our Data Recovery services help consumers recover their valuable data from a wide range of devices and data storage media including Laptops, USB, Hard Drives, Cameras, Smart phones, Servers, Memory Cards, Flash Disks, Hard Disks, SSDs, RAID Servers, NAS, SAN etc whether it is logical or physical recovery and for any operating system including Windows, Linux, Macintosh and other Operating Systems.

Backup Services

All our technology products carry personal as well as official data including email, pictures, videos, spreadsheets, presentations etc. There is always a danger of data being lost due to a hardware failure especially in cases of hardware repair. Experts at Ensure Services recommend users to back up their data before handing a product for service in order to be safe from losing precious files.

Whenever required, Ensure Services can temporarily back up data for its customers for hardware repair. Our data backup service allow customers to store their essential files on one of our secure hard drives with encryption, so regardless of what happens to your computer while in repair. We can also backup data temporarily for non-repair cases.

Installation and Migration Services


Is your system playing up with hardware, software or virus issues and you don't know what to do with it or you would like to set up your new system? Our Installation and Migration services cover all such day-to-day activities associated with the scheduling and installation of hardware and software, new system setup, changes to configuration/upgrade, de-installation of equipment, system check-up/clean-up, virus/spyware removal and general system diagnose and troubleshooting.

Our team of highly qualified engineers can not only diagnose issues and take corrective measure, but they can also suggest you best practices to improve the performance and increase the life of your product.

Cloud Setting up and Installation Services

EPSI Service offers setup and installation services for machines running on the Cloud. We will assist you in deciding on a Cloud provider hosting company, choosing which Cloud server package to purchase, and installing the necessary software for your specific Cloud computing needs.


We support any Cloud provider which offers the Linux operating system. When the top priorities are performance and uptime, APTech recommends the Amazon AWS Cloud services. Although Amazon is among the most expensive options, it is also the most mature and established Cloud provider. Amazon offers a wide variety of powerful and complex Cloud services, including Cloud database, data Cloud, and scalable "elastic" compute Cloud.

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Managed Services

Robust and reliable IT systems are absolutely critical to the efficient day-to-day operations of businesses. It requires time and investment from the business owners, managers and IT departments to make sure that the systems are continually performing at an optimal level.

Our services help reduces the operating costs, improve system performance, protect investments and make our customers future ready.

Our flexible approach in delivering managed services and provide support at every level makes us the perfect IT partner for all our clients. Our representatives will analyze your situation and provide a completely customized service plan tailored for you.

Our Managed Services offered are -

■ Annual Maintenance Contracts ■ Outsourced IT Support ■ Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for Global Vendor Brands

Annual Maintenance Contract -

Our Annual Maintenance Services provides our clients with comprehensive support plans to address requirements of managing our client’s IT infrastructure. Moreover, our services are fully customizable and we can create a support plan just as required by our clients.

Our several years of expertise in providing support services helps us deliver Annual Maintenance Services for Desktops, Laptops, Server systems, Printers, Storage systems, UPS, Projectors, Networking products and other peripherals regardless of your brand.

Outsourced IT Support -

Today’s IT assets have become widely distributed and with reduced visibility on the network. A lot of organizations spend a very high portion of their technology budget on ‘soft costs’ like purchasing, installing, managing, administration, troubleshooting, training and recruitment for supporting IT hardware and software. They are forced to put in a lot of energy and time into these activities because the systems are critical to business operations and any downtime can have a severely disastrous impact on production, customer satisfaction and revenues.

We help our clients not only to concentrate their efforts on the core business areas but also to utilize their existing infrastructure better. Our IT outsourced Support Services are a comprehensive set of services that help our customers to fully utilize their IT investments by improving availability, reliability and performance. We achieve this by offering a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise, from planning and design to procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance to system management, call support and on-site hardware and software fixes.

Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for Global Brand Vendors -

Global Brand Vendors can partner with EPSI Service to become their Authorised Service Provider in Sri Lanka. We are able to deliver exceptional customer service with a fast turnaround time to their customers.

EPSI Services are Authorized Service Providers for ASUS and ViewSonic. Our team of vendor-certified engineers have the capability to provide efficient and economical solutions.

The services offered are -

■ 24 Hour Call Support ■ Pick up and Drop Service ■ Customer On-site Support ■ RMA Collection Centre ■ Diagnosis & Troubleshooting ■ Comprehensive Repairs ■ Spare Parts Warehouse Management ■ Shipping of RMA products to Vendor

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Consultancy Services

Like many of our customers, IT is probably not your core business. Trying to solve all of your IT challenges internally can become a major distraction. These challenges can be costly and other aspects of your business could suffer.

Information Technology was considered 25 years before to be a separate department within an organization, which was realistic during the time. With IT evolving into a complete internet based global system which has no physical boundaries to have servers and staff within your own cost structure to support IT requirements it has gradually lost its departmental position in a modern business structure. In terms of economic sense the investment will be on a knowledgeable individual as the coordinating window for your organization and outsourcing all other IT functional activities to EPSI Service. We vouch for systematic IT administration while giving you space and time to grow your core business.


EPSI Service offers expert, affordable IT consulting services to help you achieve your short and long term IT objectives. We pride ourselves in offering IT consulting services to organizations of any size. While many IT consulting firms offer IT consultancy services, our team delivers the most comprehensive enterprise solutions and small business IT services support in the industry. With over 25 years of experience helping thousands of customers and as one of the top IT firm, we are ready to tackle your IT strategy or special projects with the custom tailored solutions your business needs.

Our tech support company delivers custom tailored IT consultancy services covering a variety of business technology strategies. Unlike many other IT consulting firms, our team is available to provide strategic guidance on a variety of topics, including cloud strategy, IT budget planning, risk management, disaster recovery planning, business continuity planning, IT assessment and planning, communications and carrier services, and more.

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Renting Services

EPSI Service offers you the very best solutions in order to meet your specific needs when it comes to IT equipment hire. Whatever your requirements the highly knowledgeable and experienced IT Rentals team will be able to find the perfect solution, we have a range of the latest computers and products at extremely competitive prices.

If EPSI Service is chosen as your preferred IT consultant to manage your internal IT operations, you may find having your own hardware such as servers, switches, routers etc will have no investment benefit considering the fast depreciation on such products due to rapid technology changes. We will formulate a sensible package that will include hardware on a rental basis. Having partnered for ensuring trouble free and efficient IT services we will evaluate and upgrade rented hardware as and when needed.


We think it is pointless to go out and buy IT equipment which will be out of date by the end of the month. With our short term hire solutions you can always be ahead of the game and make use of the latest equipment without spending a fortune.

We hire the following IT Equipments –

■ Notebooks ■ Desktops ■ All in One PC
■ Mini PC ■ Projectors

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Computers & PC Peripheral Sales

We carry a wide array of Computers & PC Peripherals at affordable prices. Our Range of Products include -


■ Notebooks ■ Desktops ■ All in One PC
■ Mini PC ■ Projectors ■ Monitors ■ Computer Accessories

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Home / Small Office Uninterrupted Power Solutions

High precision dc-ac inverters coupled with new technologies with robust design have paved way for us to build effective power solutions for this sector. Gaming stations, home theater systems or your office electronic gadgetry that requires clean uninterrupted electrical power for its functions and durability our tailor made energy solutions will be the best decision made for ensuring safety for your electrical gadgets. Our inverters designed to deliver electrical power similar to the utility provider will power your lights, fans etc during a power outage.

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EV Charging Station

Having the world fast revolutionizing the way we power our transport with new technologies using electrical based powertrain systems will see a new era of automobile designs. EPSI being a certified carbon neutral company believes to be supportive and involved of the sustainable approach of living that ensures a polluted free environment for all future generations.


We see the EV market will very soon take over the dominated fossil based transportation systems. We will offer our EV customers with fast charging facilities coupled with fabulous incentives for purchasing the products & services the company represents.

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Home & Business Security Solutions

With civilization now rapidly moving into modernization with digitally driven technologies our homes too have to become smart to overcome new threats.


Our security solutions are tailored to give customers peace of mind through our comprehensive systems that includes burglar alarms, CCTV recordings with real time remote viewing and know if fire has broken out from sensitive smoke detectors.

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